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Generally, the best man acts as the toastmaster, and prepares a list of the order in which each person will make a toast. There is an established protocol which the couple may or may not choose to follow


You may want to check with the hired musicians for the use of their microphone if the rehearsal or reception is in a

very large area

and people may have a hard time hearing. You might also consider if the sound system will be set up when you need to speak.

Special Considerations:

If you, or someone else, will not be able to stand as you deliver your toast, you may want to make special arrangements ahead of time to move to a location where you will be seen by all.

Rehearsal Dinner

You might follow this order:

  • The best man toasts the bride
  • The bride toasts the groom
  • The groom toasts the bride's mother
  • The bride's father may toast the groom's parents

During the Reception

You might follow this order:

  • The best man toasts the bride and groom
  • The groom toasts the bride and her family
  • The two fathers toast the bride and groom
  • The bride and groom toast each other

Tips for that Perfect Toast

  • Don't be long-winded.
  • Stand to give a toast; remain seated to receive one.
  • Prepare ahead of time; know what you are going to say.
  • Mention those you are toasting by name, your relationship to them, and a thought about this wonderful event.
  • Add witty anecdotes wherever possible, if they are in good taste.
  • Speak slowly and loudly enough for all guests to hear.
  • You may want to avoid consuming alcohol before your toast.
  • Don't forget to cap off the toast with a hearty ending like "Cheers!"

Why not have your Wedding Speech Professionally Prepared?

Many people do not realize that professional writing is available.

A wedding is an important event. Professional help is needed for attire, catering, invitations, flowers, photographs, music - almost everything in fact. So why should the speeches receive any less attention? Particularly in view of the fact that to have a speech professionally written almost certainly costs less than any of the other items.

If you have to make a speech,you obviously want it to be a good one on this special day, and you need it to reflect what you wish to say. Unfortunately, while some individuals can do this easily, for most people it's not something which comes naturally. And why should it? - it's not a job they are called upon to do very often.

Even those who do have a talent with words are often too busy to devote enough time to the task. Wedding preparations keep people very busy. A good Speech writer will produce a speech you'll be proud to present - and if you are happy with the content, you'll be confident when the time comes to stand and present it.

So what should you look for in a Speech writing service?

  • Will your speech be tailored to your requirements to include what you want to say?
  • What happens if you are not happy with what you receive? For example, is there an amendment service in case you want any changes made? Is this included in the cost?
  • How much does a speech cost and exactly what do you get for your money?
  • Will you be supplied with any tips to help you deliver your speech?
  • How long will it take?

Bear in mind that your speech writer needs information to work from. The more information you supply, the more your speech can be personalized. Remember also that wedding customs and procedures can vary, so always supply details of anything you think the writer might need to know.

A good speech is a blend ofhumorand touchingsincerity. It would be no exaggeration to say that it can make or break the wedding reception. Video evidence of bad speeches now haunts so many people - why risk joining them?